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UPDATE: Payback requirements have been eliminated for the C&I Program, as of January 1st!

The Con Edison C&I Program is pleased to announce that payback requirements have been eliminated for the program, as of January 1st, 2014. This change applies to all project applications submitted to the C&I Program after 12/31/13.

This enhancement to the C&I program will help a greater number of projects qualify for energy efficiency incentives. And stay tuned: other changes are coming in the first quarter of 2014 that will further enhance the C&I program, making it easier to participate and get projects approved!

Con Edison Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program Overview

Con Edison wants to help Commercial & Industrial customers save energy, money, and protect the environment. We offer cash rebates and incentives for installing energy-efficient electric and gas equipment and technical studies. These energy-efficient measures can help improve your bottom line.
  • Rebates are offered for upgrading equipment including lighting fixtures, LED exit signs, chillers, packaged heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems, motors, water and steam boilers.
  • Performance-based custom incentives for installing high-efficiency equipment or energy saving solutions not on the Equipment Rebate Program lists.
  • Payment of up to 50% of costs, with a cap of $67,000, for an energy-efficiency technical study evaluating your energy use and recommending steps you can take to increase your gas and electric efficiency.
Customers with a monthly peak demand of 110 kW or less may qualify for incentives from Con Edison Small Business Energy Efficiency Program.

Below you will find:

To find out how the Con Edison C&I Energy Efficiency Program can work for your project, simply choose the equipment or system type that best fits your needs from the list below. We can also help you find experienced professionals through our Market Partner Network to help you evaluate your energy usage and implement energy efficiency upgrades.

1. Review the equipment or system page, from the links above, that relates to your energy efficiency project. This information provides details for each measure, including rebate amount.

2. If you have questions about the program or the application process, contact us directly at 1-877-797-6347 or email us at

3. Submit a completed application and other required documents to Con Edison via email, fax or mail.

4. Program pre-approval is required for all projects. Pre-approval can take up to ten business days after we receive all required materials. (Additional time may be necessary for custom incentive applications or projects requiring pre-installation inspections.) You will receive approval notice via email.

5. After you receive notice of pre-approval, purchase and install your energy efficient equipment. (Do not purchase equipment before pre-approval.)

6. Submit all required project documentation after your project is completed.
  1. A signed and completed application (with any changes to the pre-approved application).
  2. Copies of equipment specification sheets (with changes, if any).
  3. Copies of final project invoices showing a detailed breakdown of costs.
  4. Copy of account holder's W-9.
7. We will review your application and, in most cases, a program representative will visit your facility and inspect the completed work performed for pre-approved projects.

8. Once the project has been inspected and approved, you can expect your incentive check in four to six weeks via U.S. First Class mail.

Application Process
  • XACT - Application and Incentive Calculation Tool
    The XACT tool assists customers and Market Partners in completing the program application and forms needed to participate in the program. Features and benefits include:
    • Excel–based application and calculation tool.
    • Drop down menu of each program measure and incentive calculation data (including baseline ranges for allowable installation costs).
    • Ensures energy-savings and incentive calculations are accurate.
    • Reduces pre-approval time by minimizing the need for multiple reviews of the project between the program and you.
    If you are interested in using XACT or have questions, please contact us at

To be eligible to participate in the Con Edison C&I Rebate Energy Efficiency Program and receive cash incentives, your business must:
  • Be a commercial or industrial electric or gas customer of Con Edison.
  • Pay the systems benefit charge (SBC).
  • Have not received an incentive from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) or others for the same project.
  • Install qualified equipment or make qualified energy efficiency upgrades at a project site located in the Con Edison service territory.
Projects require pre-approval. Please review the pre-approval details for each incentive. Do not purchase or install equipment before pre-approval is received.

All projects submitted for incentives or rebates are reviewed to ensure they meet program guidelines. These guidelines include benefit/cost ratio and payback tests, which are mandated by the New York State Public Service Commission.

Please be sure to always download and use the latest versions of the applications. Incentive levels, program rules, and regulations are subject to change.

Total Resource Cost (TRC) is a financial evaluation (test) which the New York State Public Service Commission requires all utilities and NYSERDA to use in evaluating all incentive applications. The test compares benefits to the utility grid (electricity or gas savings) and to the general public (reduced CO2 emissions) against the cost of the project. If it is determined that the benefits are greater than the costs, the measure is eligible for an incentive provided it meets all other qualifications. If, however, it is determined the costs are greater than the benefits, the measure is not eligible for an incentive.

This is not meant to be a test of whether it is beneficial for a customer to complete a project – utility bill savings to the customer will generally be of greater value than the benefits calculated by the TRC test, and there are other potential benefits to the customer the test does not consider such reduced maintenance costs and increased employee comfort. However, since the Con Edison C&I Energy Efficiency program is a public utility program, measures must be justified by their benefits to the utility grid in order to qualify for a program incentive.

It is recommended you call 877-797-6347 or email us at with questions and to verify if your project qualifies for an incentive.
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